A mixed couple has a wonderful baby girl with amazing eyes

Michael Bennett, a former National Football League player, became a father in 2015. They had a daughter with his wife Kathy. The couple named her Kaya. The girl immediately captivated netizens with her unusual appearance.

The girl was lucky, she got the best features of her parents. The girl has beautiful bright eyes and hair that go well with her appearance.

Kathy has a European appearance, while Michael is African American. Thanks to this, Kaya became the owner of a very attractive appearance. Isn’t it a miracle of nature?

The girl’s mother posted pictures of her daughter on her blog.

The pictures quickly became popular among netizens.

Most recently, Kathy microblogged her daughter. The girl already has a lot of fans.

Many modeling agencies noticed Kaya’s bright appearance and began to offer a job to the girl.

Now Kaya is “working” with some agencies. Her appearance is really beautiful!

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