A moving tribute to the late American Idol runner-up Willie Spence is given by Luke Bryan

Luke Bryan and the American Idol community are in grief after the tragic and sudden death of Willie Spence, a former runner-up on the show. 

On October 11, an automobile accident was cited as the reason for the 23-year-death; the old’s TMZ broke the news of his passing for the first time on October 12th. In 2021, he participated in American Idol. 

The country singer acted as one of the judges that oversaw the late performer’s achievements on the singing competition program, alongside Katy Perry and Lionel Richie. 

Luke paid tribute to the talented young man on Instagram by posting a tape from his audition that the American Idol website had made available in light of his passing. 

“Willie really did light up any room he stepped into,” the author stated. When he began singing, the atmosphere quickly changed. Indeed, he will be missed. 

He says to the judges in the film from his audition: “You are aware that I don’t only do this for me. You see, I do this for my family. They have always been my supporters and have been there since the beginning, “and he continued by singing Diamonds, a 2012 hit by Rihanna. 



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The judges were completely captivated by his incredible voice, and Luke said, “You are a special, special human being,” adding that he did not want his audition to stop. 

Katy also noticed his talent right away, and when she inquired about his future plans, he responded: “I simply want to spread this gift of mine—my voice—to the world. Where I see myself in five years is perhaps winning a Grammy.” 

The singer for Teenage Dream also paid respect in the comments area, writing: “Dearest soul, Willie, I adore you. My sweetheart, join the angels in song.” 

Willie finished second to Chayce Beckham in the competition. According to a report from the Tennessee Highway Patrol, his fatal tragedy happened in Marion County, East Tennessee, when his car hit the back of a tractor-trailer.

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