A new fashion for curly eyelashes for those who are tired of being “ordinary”

Now our many actions are guided by three words that have conquered the world – trend, style, and fashion. Many are ready to buy everything that will be in trend and do any hairstyle and makeup if they are considered fashionable. But sometimes tasteless and even in some sense, crazy things become a trend. For example, take a look at these curly lashes.

That’s right, the girls began to make themselves curly eyelashes and these photos are real:

The first who invented and made such eyelashes for herself was a girl named Sophie Peterson. But she has enough of such crazy ideas. Sophie has a rather unusual fantasy and she comes up with a very non-standard make-up.

We want to show some of her ideas:

Here you need to be treated.

For those who miss the sea.

Makeup for the winter season.

This is what the girl who does it all looks like.

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