A Pallas’s kitten that was born in a train car was adopted by people

Because of the circumstances, wild animals occasionally wind up coexisting with humans. 

In a train car, a Pallas’s cat gave birth to a kitten, but the mother fled when the train began to move. 

They nursed the infant after discovering it was abandoned. She started by drinking milk, then the diet expanded to include a unique, high-calorie milk concoction. After two months, they added meat. 

She got along nicely with house cats. 

Due to her wild character, her owners were aware that they couldn’t retain her for a very long period. As she grew, they transported her to a protected area where she could live in her natural environment. 

She initially found it difficult to adjust, and on occasion went back to the location where she had been dropped off. 

However, she gained confidence the following day and even ceased going out to meet people. 

The only memories the family has been of rearing their unusual pet.

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