“A puppy is not a gingerbread, throw it away!” But the children refused to betray the baby and came up with a rescue plan!

Here is such a wonderful story about kindness that lives in distant and hot Tanzania. We really hope that the fire of mercy burning in children’s hearts will never go out, but will flare up even stronger!

Five wonderful kids from Northern Tanzania – Goodluck (Luck), Princess, Cuthbert, Karen, and Kenny – were walking home from school. The four young ladies shared their impressions of the past day and were very glad that the only boy in their company did not hesitate to be friends with the girls. And no wonder – because this guy has a very kind and soft heart!

He was the first to see a large lop-eared puppy running dangerously close to the road. The kid was trying to cross over to the other side and a couple of times he almost got under the wheels of motorcycles!

“He needs help!” said Cusbert, and they all ran to the dog in a crowd. The young animal lover was something of a leader, and the girls obviously listened to him.

The guys began to stroke and hug the puppy, and he answered them with a cheerful tail wagging and generous hugs. In the end, the children decided to take him to their home.

But there they were disappointed – none of the parents approved the appearance of a new family member. “Why do you need him? What is this – candy, muffin, toy? There is so much fuss with him, and you need to feed him … Throw him back on the street!” – that’s the whole conversation …

However, the children refused to leave the pet. After conferring, they took him to a guy named Ismael Mungaya, who ran a mini-shelter for street animals. The father and mother of this young man were more loyal and helped their son in his good work, paying the expenses of a small orphanage. 21-year-old Ismael put abandoned cats and dogs on their feet, and then attached them – and sometimes even abroad.

At that time, six dogs already lived in the enclosures, that is, all the places were occupied. But seeing tears in the eyes of the children, the guy decided to help them and nevertheless took little Jack (as the guys called the puppy) under his care. How happy the young volunteers were! They promised to come and visit their friend as often as possible.

The days flew by – and they were good days for the restless Jack. He made friends with his peers: Oreo and Daisy. Now the cheerful trinity loves to run around the yard and do their best to prevent Ismael from doing household chores.

All the dogs living here will grow up to the right age, will be vaccinated and castrated, and then they will find good owners for themselves.

“These children have made me happy, ” says the owner of the mini-shelter. – “I saw like-minded people in them, which means that I am not alone in my aspirations. While their parents didn’t take the time to show concern for the helpless pup, the kids didn’t rest until they had arranged his fate. I realized that love has no limits!”

The guy recalls how a small shelter began his life. His first dog was a cur named Tina, who gave birth to puppies right on the street. Ismael took his mother and four babies and put them in a box at his house. Then he contacted through social networks a number of specialists who helped him organize the proper care of animals. Thus, in the first year, the 19-year-old boy saved more than 30 dogs!

“I think I will soon have successors,” Ismael is sure. “ And, it is quite possible that it will be one of these friendly five!”

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