“A Romantic Proposal”: Chris Evans to Tie the Knot with Alba Baptista!

Their love and happiness have captured the attention of their fans.

Chris Evans, a well-known superhero actor in Hollywood, has made the decision to end his single status and start dating. The 25-year-old sweetheart, Portuguese actress Alba Baptista, accepted the actor’s 41st birthday proposal with joy.

Since last year, the pair have been living together in Evans’ home state of Massachusetts, where they also want to get married this summer.

They first planned a larger party with plenty of attendees, but they ultimately opted to have a smaller gathering with only their immediate family and friends.

Fans’ reactions to the news were conflicted. While some people were disappointed by the shift in Evans’ romantic status, the majority of people expressed their joy and enthusiasm for the pair.

Evans has dated famous people like Jessica Biel, Minka Kelly, and Jenny Slate in the past whereas Alba Baptista is less well-known in high-profile partnerships.

In 2021, not long after Evans was crowned “Sexiest Man in the World” by People magazine, the couple’s love journey officially began.

Several problems have surrounded their connection, including one in which Evans either unintentionally or knowingly released a graphic image of himself.

Evans and Baptista are 16 years apart in age, yet their admirers are still interested in their love and happiness. They can’t wait to witness the pair say wedding vows and begin this brand-new chapter in their lives.

What do you have to say to the couple?

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