A sick emaciated puppy came to the door of the family, begging for help

A young stray dog wandered into the yard of one family and lay down right on the rug near the door. Sad, shabby, and shabby dog really needed help.

A young stray dog wandered into the yard of a family in the town of La Porte in Texas, USA. Shabby and downtrodden, the poor fellow lay down on the rug near the door and dozed off.

She was lying, and as if waiting for someone, trying to ask for help with all her appearance. And it was not in vain. When the family spotted the dog, they brought out food and water for her and immediately contacted local animal rescuers.

A volunteer named Courtney responded to people’s requests. Seeing the state of the dog, the woman could not stand it and immediately came for her – all this time the dog lay on the rug at the door.

“She was very happy to see me. At first, she was a little scared, but then she began to lick me – as if she knew that she would definitely be rescued. That is why it was easy to gain her trust and move her to a safe place, ”says Courtney.

The woman named the dog Lila took her to her place and undertook to restore her health. The veterinarians have determined that Lila is an Australian Shepherd puppy and is about 5-6 months old. She suffered from a severe form of scabies, so she lost a lot of hair.

Now all the bad things are behind – Lila is next to her loving guardian, who takes care of her daily and heals damaged skin. She is always fed, loved, and very grateful to the people who did not leave her in trouble. When the time comes, permanent owners will be found for Lila. Be happy baby!

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