A single father raises a child with Down syndrome on his own

Unfortunately, in Russia there is no full-fledged inclusive environment, so many parents are afraid to take responsibility for children with disabilities. But this is not about Evgeny Anisimov! The man has been raising his son Misha, who was born with Down syndrome, for a year now. And he does it without his wife.

It so happened that Eugene’s wife could not come to terms with her son’s diagnosis and left the family. Now she helps the child and her ex-husband with alimony. The upbringing is completely engaged in the father, as he calls himself, “single father”.

Eugene admits that during the year of Misha’s life, his life has changed dramatically – there is more responsibility and less time for himself, but the man does not regret anything. He admits that he would hardly have coped on his own, so he is grateful to his mother for help with the child.

The man manages not only to work and take care of the household but also to share inspirational posts about his difficult life with netizens. Now more than 34,000 people have subscribed to his account. The optimism of Evgeny Anisimov is infectious, so the number of his subscribers is constantly increasing.

The life of the Anisimovs was talked about in the local, and then in the Russian media. But little Misha’s father himself is surprised: “I emphasize that I am a normal person, and not some kind of hero. It’s great if I can support by my example those people who are now in the same situation as me.”

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