A sixth grader risking his own life saved a boy by jumping into an icy lake

This story took place in the village of Romanovo, Zelenogradsky district. The fact is that there is a lake here and this is the favorite vacation spot for local youth in winter. Boys often play hockey here, and girls go skating. One day the boys were going to play with the puck. In their company was Igor, who recently turned only eight years old.

At some point, his mother called him home and the boy, in order to shorten the path, decided not to bypass the lake but went through the reeds. It was in that place that there was very thin ice, and Igor fell through. Without hesitation, Andrei rushed to his aid.

“Well, I pushed him out, and then how I went under the water, I don’t even remember. And he left on his own. It is lighter, caught on the ice, and stands. I pulled him out, pushed him away, he wanted to climb through, crawled through – the ice broke and again like that. And I got out, but I still didn’t get to the bottom. ” The guys were saved by the fact that air got under the boys’ clothes, thanks to which they were able to stay on the surface. They began to clutch at the ice with their hands, and yet they gradually managed to get out.

At home, the parents appreciated the deed of their son. The sister calls her brother a hero, not only does she help around the house, but she also saved a person! Soon they learned about Andrei’s heroic deed at school, in honor of the hero they held a ruler and handed him a letter. Later, he was nominated for the prize of the All-Russian contest “Hot Heart”.

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