A skinny dog sat in a hole and looked up with a prayer (video)

A group of hikers was exploring tiny tunnels when they came upon a lone underweight dog at a depth of 9 meters beneath. He looked up with fear and hoped that he would be helped.

A group of hikers explored small caves in the Indiana State Wildlife Refuge in the US and made an unexpected discovery. At a depth of 9 meters, they saw a dog that looked up with a lost look and needed help.

The team immediately decided to help the animal, and with the help of ropes got it. The dog trusted people because he was exhausted, and as if he knew that he was being rescued. As a result, he was successfully pulled out.

When the dog was taken out, the whole team saw what a sad state he was in. The thin dog’s ribs were sticking out – it was clear that he had spent a lot of time in the cave. The dog was then taken to the Harrison County Animal Control Rescue Center.

While the employees were taking care of the ward, they began to look for his owners – after all, it is possible that the dog got lost and simply could not be found. And so it happened. When the dog was featured on the local news, his family responded immediately. It turned out his name was Hawkeye.

According to the stories of the owners, two weeks ago the dog ran away during a walk and disappeared. No matter how much they searched for him, it was all in vain. It turns out that the poor fellow fell into a hole near the caves, and was there all this time.

Hawkeye couldn’t conceal his happiness when he was reunited with his owners. He kissed his owner and expressed his delight at seeing him again.

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