A smiling horse photobombed the couple’s pregnancy shoot

To save the precious moments in their lives, people have picture shoots with the people they love.
Even though we’re all trying to get the perfect shot, sometimes casual photos end up being the most memorable.
Animal cameos may result in some amusing pictures, like this one of the horses who stole the spotlight at a pregnant photo shoot.
Amanda Eckstein, who will soon become a mother, hired Kristen Zaffiro to take stunning maternity photos.

They made the decision to bring their horses along for the shoot.
The process took a little longer because they wouldn’t remain where they were supposed to. 

When they eventually managed to get Buckshot, one of the horses, to stand correctly, she replied, “At least you could smile.” She didn’t believe the animal would pay attention. He smiled broadly as he posed, and the amusing photos kept flowing. 

One image shows the mare giving the horse a glance as he was grinning with his mouth open. 

They eventually ran out of postures and broke out in uncontrollable laughter.
She insisted that the maternity session was the best one ever. 

They captured some nicer images in addition to the humorous ones. It turns out that Buckshot is not only a genuine joker but can also be serious when necessary. 

After the baby is delivered, they’ll do another photo shoot. They eagerly anticipate Buckshot’s response to the newborn.

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