A stray kitten lay on the windowsill and looked around fearfully (video)

The woman noticed this baby, who was huddled in the corner of the old window sill and could not pass by. The kitten looked timidly around and seemed to need help.

An American named Donna accidentally noticed this fluffy at the old building. The kid pressed himself into the corner of the window sill and looked around fearfully, trembling with fear and not knowing where to go. The woman could not pass by and decided to help him.

Donna took the kitten and placed it in a large container in her car. It later turned out to be a girl. At first, she was afraid, but as soon as Donna took her in her arms, she calmed down and realized that she was safe here.

The woman took the cat to the veterinary clinic and gave the name NeNe. Employees reported that they recently received a kitten almost exactly the same, which was picked up in the same area. They were the same age, so the staff thought they were brother and sister.

When the kids were reunited, they immediately recognized each other – there was no doubt that they were relatives. Unfortunately, the kittens were in a sad state – emaciated and covered with fleas. Veterinarians immediately began to restore their health.

Despite all the difficulties, the kittens were finally happy to be together. Nene reassured her brother and cheered her up in every possible way – next to her, he quickly became more confident in himself. Together they learned how to use the litter box and eat solid food.

The brother and sister did everything together – they played, slept, ate, rushed around the guardian’s house, and simply enjoyed every day. Later they became friends with other foster kittens and began to play together.

When the time came, a family was quickly found for the brother and sister. They were taken together into one house – and they were immensely happy about it! Now the kittens live in a loving home and continue to enjoy life together. Thank good people for saving them!

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