A teenage girl found and saved a starving horse by leading her 9 miles to their home (video)

Kelsey from Illinois proved to be a very brave kid who dared to help the starving horse.

That morning, Kelsey and her mother were traveling on a trailer to their swap location. They chose to travel through the field on a more open road this time. They were on their way when they saw an animal lying by itself in a remote area. 

They stopped the car and went to investigate; they found the horse to be half dead. She could hardly lift her head because she was so weak. The animal appeared to be severely underhydrated and famished. 

She was starving to death. Kelsey saw evidence of a whip on the horse’s body; either her previous owner had mistreated her and she had fled in search of food, or the owner had abandoned her here to perish. Unfortunately, some individuals simply dispose of their old and “unneeded” pets in this manner. 

Kelsey and her mother attempted to load the horse onto the trailer but were unsuccessful. There was just one option left, and that was to walk the horse to their house. To get home, Kelsey walked nine miles. Even though it took them up to 4 hours to arrive and the weak horse could hardly walk, they made it to the house.

“We were really concerned when the horse slept for so long, so we took turns walking and making sure she was breathing. The horse was fed and given water, and she dozed down for more than five hours. We called her Sunny,” Kaylee added. 

Sunny was saved by Kaylie’s family, who decided to keep her. You can view the video here.


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