A thin little dog was tied to the gate of the shelter. The poor thing stuck her face through the bars, there was sadness in her eyes

When the shelter workers arrived at work in the morning, they were simply shocked. They saw an unfortunate dog that someone tied to the gate. No one could know how long she sat like that. But the dog itself was very happy at the sight of people. She was probably looking forward to being found…

Abandoned by someone, she stuck her muzzle through the bars of the bars and looked at the workers of the shelter with great hope with her brown eyes.

The fact that the owners abandoned the pet near the shelter can be called happy. She was in a terrible state because of her previous life. All the ribs protruded through the skin. The nose was cut, but the wounds had already healed somewhat. And the baby also had skin diseases that annoyed her very much.

The shelter staff was glad that the exhausted dog was finally safe. And from that day on, they will begin to take good care of her, treat her and feed her.

She was given the nickname Misty. In the early days, the dog was confused. Then, when the employees examined it more closely, they saw a chip.

They called the given phone number. And found out that the dog changed owners a few years ago. But no one knows how she ended up near the shelter, or why she was in bad shape.

Both the shelter staff and caring residents of nearby houses intend to investigate this matter. They really want to know who brought the living being to a deplorable state, and then also abandoned it. Of course, everyone is glad that the dog is alive. But anything very tragic could happen to her.

Misty is resting well today. She comes to her senses, gaining strength. Shelter workers will try to find the best owners for Misty, who would never dream of betraying her.

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