A tigress and a man from Malang, Indonesia, develop an odd bond

An odd friendship between an Indonesian guy and Mulan the tigress began six years ago. 

Everything started when a tiger cub’s owner begged Abdullah Sholeh to take care of him. 

The predator is now six years old, and the man is 33. 

She is virtually at their maximum weight of 180 kg. The height is one meter, and the length, including the tail, is three meters. 

She consumes roughly 6 kilos of various types of meat twice a day. 

Sholeh sometimes slept next to her, so they put up metal bars to keep him safe. 

The People’s Republic of Bangladesh’s national animal is the Bengal tiger. 

Less than 2500 people live there, and the number of these animals seems to decline over time. 

Abdullah claimed Mulan isn’t at all aggressive, but due to her, he has some minor scars on his body. 

The predator only attempted to touch her friend with her powerful paw; she had no intention of hurting him. 

Due to the novelty of their tale, it gained popularity on social media. 

Because you never know what a predator may do next, we pray that everything works out well for them.

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