A tricky money problem that 80% of people get lost in

Many guys often say that they don’t need math. The main thing is to be able to count money. Well, for such cases, we have an indicative problem with money. Let’s see how you cope with it and whether you know how to count your finances. The correct answer is at the end of the article.

The problem with money

It was 500 dollars. Spent 200, left 300. Spent 150, left 150. Then spent another 90, left 60. Spent 60, left 0. The amount of the remaining money: 300 + 150 + 60 = 510.
How is this possible?

This is the condition of the problem. Indeed, when you add up the rest of the money, it comes out to $510. How so? You might think that $10 came out of nowhere. Magic, nothing else. That’s how the money would always appear out of nowhere. So why is the amount of money that a person had left 510 and not 500? Try to answer yourself, and if it doesn’t work, see the answers below.

Do not rush to relax if you managed. After all, we have another interesting problem with money.

It was 500 dollars. Spent 40% of the total amount. And then another 50% of the rest. How much money is left?

The task at first glance is simple, but do not rush to answer. Better yet, read the terms and conditions carefully.

Answer questions about money

1. To get the initial amount of $ 500, you need to add up not the remaining parts, but the spent ones. Like this: 200 + 150 + 90 + 60 = 500. Everything is logical – it was $ 500, $ 500 and spent. And the sum of the residuals will not be equal to the original.

Let’s look at a simpler example to understand this. For example, you had 100 dollars, you spent 10, and left 90. Then you spent 90, and the money ran out. In this case, if you add up the remainder, you get 90 + 0 = 90. You might think that $10 has evaporated. But again, you need to sum up the money spent, not the balances, to get the original amount.

2. Answer: $150. How to get this amount? First, we calculate 40% of the original amount: 500 x 40% = $200. Then we calculate how much is left: 500 – 200 = 300. 50% of the balance is $ 150. And it remains, it turns out, also 150, because 300 – 150 = 150.

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