A very bright lovebird and his unusual passion became parents

The Kiwi lovebird has become a favorite on Twitter. His mistress often published photos with a bright feathered pet. The bird lived alone in a cage for a long time and was happy in its own way.

However, the hostess decided to pick up a Kiwi couple so that he would not be bored.

And then modest Susie appeared in the house, the color of plumage was different from Kiwi’s feathers. Despite the different colors and dissimilar temperaments, both parrots felt sympathy for each other, which grew into true love.

After some time, chicks were born to a non-standard couple.

Like all birds, at first, the babies did not have feathers, and they looked unsympathetic, but after a few weeks, it became clear who the crumbs looked like the most.

The chicks turned out unusual, bright, and beautiful. It was evident that each baby got the genes of both parents.

Now that the parrot family has grown so large, the Kiwi’s Twitter following has grown even more.

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