A very rare disease made this cat unique

Probably, the people in whose house this cute cat was born decided not to tie their hands with the long nursing of such an unusual animal. They just threw it in a box under the door of those who were more humane and took the poor thing straight to the vet. The clinic determined that the cat had a neck injury and was very small for his estimated age. But most of all attention was riveted by the huge eyes of this naive creature.

After treating the cat’s wound, the doctor Elcher Danlos simply could not leave the poor fellow to fend for himself. She decided to adopt the eyeball at home. After all, nothing heals like a home environment and attentive care.

Later, the veterinarian recalled that the kitten sunk into her soul the very minute she saw him. And although the woman thought to shelter the big-eyed cheeky one for a while until he recovers, the cat instantly turned into a full-fledged member of the family.

Such unusually large eyes of a newly minted patient immediately caused a flurry of associations in Elcher. And she gave him the name Porg, remembering the touching alien heroes of Star Wars. As it turned out soon, Porg’s eyes are not just so huge. Collagen is the body of the poor thing that is synthesized with violations, which, most likely, was transferred to the cat from his parents. This deviation is called the Elcher-Danlos syndrome.

This disease is extremely rare in cats and negatively affects the joints. They become vulnerable, the skin is also constantly damaged. This means that simple manipulations such as combing are extremely unfavorable for Porg. To avoid contact of the cat’s skin with the surrounding surfaces, his owner began to make him special suits, knitted or sewn to individual measurements.

Elcher-Danlos syndrome changes the location of the lens in the animal’s eye, so Porg is prescribed eye drops. They, in turn, give the cat’s eyes a glowing effect.

Porg’s owner admits that caring for her new pet is quite difficult, but the family has already got used to it. They really care about the safety and well-being of the cat.

Meanwhile, Porg has turned into a socially active cat with his Instagram page. Now thousands of subscribers are following his fate, and he is happy to entertain them with videos with his games. But he is also a big fan of hugging his owner.

Elcher sincerely hopes that Porg’s story will be a good motivation for those who are still afraid to adopt a pet with special needs.

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