A video of a cute grandmother reading “The Wonky Donkey” goes viral (video)

One of the cutest sounds in the world is the sound of a baby laughing, which is enjoyed by everybody. In this lovely video, Grandma laughs very loud while the baby hardly makes a sound.

The Scottish children’s book she is reciting in the video is called “The Wonky Donkey,” and from a little, she managed to read before crying, the donkey sounds wonky.

While reading the book, the grandmother sees how funny it is and finds it difficult to keep up. She is trying to maintain her composure while holding a baby who doesn’t seem impressed.

She is sweetly reading a bedtime tale to her grandson, who wasn’t very interested in the book but found it humorous.

One day, seeing this video will be a wonderful memory. One of the funniest videos I’ve watched in a while is this one. It’s uncommon to have such pure delight and laughter.

One of the viewers said, “I watched the tape three times, and each time I laughed even harder!” Another person said, “I’ve never laughed so hard, my eleven-year-old son and I are in stitches!”

Everyone should enjoy the privilege of spending time with their loved ones. We seldom ever have time to relax and take in the small joys of life, like reading a book to our kids or grandkids. It might be a great idea to decide to capture these events on camera! We can all experience the emotions of the video, especially when funny moments appear out of the blue.

Tell us if you have any other humorous childhood tales in the comments section below! Please share your comments on these videos with us!

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