A woman discovered small baby kittens in her yard

One day, a woman spotted two little kittens that had recently been born in her yard. She packed them in a box and brought them to the shelter.

A veterinarian was on hand to inspect the infants, who were discovered to be preterm. Monica was the girl’s name, and Ross was the boy’s. When the kittens grew up a little and began to crawl, it turned out that the baby’s hind limbs were not functioning.

Since the babies needed special care, especially Monica, they were taken to her home by Carol, an employee of the shelter.

Every day, the girl gave the gray beauty a massage of non-working legs, additionally stretching them, as the doctor taught.

All these efforts were not in vain. After a while, the baby began to try to walk, and after a few weeks, she was already running no worse than her brother.

Kittens are very friendly with each other, but they are completely different in character. The boy grows calm and quiet, but the girl is a violent bully.

Carol is sure that the kids will have a happy cat life ahead of a kind and caring owner.

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