A woman fell in love with a homeless man and had children with him. What happened to these people?

Emmy Abrahamson is a Swedish writer who met her partner on the street in the fullest meaning of the word. Vic Kokula, an American, was homeless and had poor habits before meeting Emmy, and his life improved radically as a result. The pair currently has two children, and the woman has even written a book about her odd love story.

Emmy Abrahamson visited Amsterdam in 2006. She sat down on a bench while walking once when a homeless Vic approached her and inquired what time it was. Surprisingly, a massive clock was hanging over this bench. Emmy recognized she was highly drawn to this man, despite the fact that he was filthy and stank.

“I realized he was homeless right immediately. He was filthy from head to toe, and his hair and beard were oily. But then we started conversing, and I discovered he has the most stunning brown eyes I’ve ever seen. And he instantly made me laugh,” Abrahamson remembers.

Both the man and the woman felt pity for one another and decided to meet at the same location in five days.

Vic’s narrative is as follows: he came to go from America to Europe a few years ago, but his money rapidly ran out.

“The money ran out sooner than I thought, and I didn’t have time to complete all of my plans.” So I told myself, “OK, I’ll do it without any money.”

The man began to beg, sleep on the street, and finally started drinking alcohol. Everything did not go as he had hoped. And Vic understood he had just become a homeless alcoholic.

Abrahamson and Kokula met on the same bench five days later, as arranged, and spent the entire day together. But Emmy had to return to Vienna, where she resided. The woman flew home, leaving Vik her phone number in the hopes that they would meet again. After some time, the phone rang…

“I didn’t know whether I’d ever see him again, but I hoped I would since I couldn’t stop thinking about him.” Three weeks later, on my 30th birthday, my phone rang; I picked it up and heard Vic’s voice: “I’m here.” “He came to Vienna for me, and we’ve been together ever since,” Emmy explained.

The wedding was held in a historic castle. Vic acquired a job as an electrician thanks to the help of his beloved. Desta and Til, the couple’s twins, were born. Inspired by her love story, Emmy wrote the book How to Fall in Love with a Man Who Lives in the Bush.

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