A woman in a million. Monica Bellucci in a tight dress captivated fans

The actress starred in one of the glossy magazines. For filming, they chose a beige golf dress with an open neckline. The image is mesmerizing.

The star posed on a brown leather sofa, so the idea generally turned out to be quite strict and restrained, but on the other hand, alluring and gentle. Monica looks excellent for 57 years old.

A bun complemented the alluring image with strands of hair descending along the face, makeup, and peeking out straps from underwear. They decided to refuse accessories because all the attention is drawn to a magnificent bust. The fingers on the hands were decorated with rings, but the legs were shod in black high-heeled shoes.

Another image was in a black fitted dress with long sleeves. And the third option was a raincoat. The last two options were filmed against the wall. Fans could hardly contain their delight in the photos.

“How can you be so beautiful?”, “Any outfit will suit you”, “You should decorate the covers of all existing magazines”, “Italians are very beautiful”, “Black suits you!”, – such comments appeared under the photos.

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