A woman rescues an injured dog and is startled when the vet says he isn’t even a dog

It wasn’t in go̴o̴d shaρe at all.

Andrea Athie noticed an injured “homeless dog” pleading for help as she was traveling along a desolate road. The thin creature was saved by Andrea, who was heartbroken to see that it was nursing a broken limb. Andrea quickly took the dog to the closest veterinary facility for assistance after realizing that he may have been running over.

The appreciative “dog” hugged and kissed his savior as they traveled to the veterinarian. However, Andrea was shocked to learn that the “u” wasn’t a dog at all when she got to the clinic. Andrea discovered from the veterinarian that the coyote-like infant was indeed wild.

The coyote was not at all in good shape, and his health was deteriorating due to several inside wounds. A wildlife rehabilitator was contacted by the vet facility to provide the ailing coyote with the appropriate care. Unfortunately, despite great effort, the coyote passed died after spending 5 days in the wildlife hospital due to his injuries.

The memories of the romantic automobile journey with the adoring coyote have left Andrea beyond sad. The knowledge that our animals never receive timely medical care hurts our hearts. Let’s treat our creatures with more compassion and empathy and provide them with the professional assistance they require. Say it out loud.

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