A homeless dog did not leave his injured friend and waited for help (video)

He couldn’t help but stayed by his side and watched him like a bodyguard.

Betty Walter is a dog rescue, so her phone is constantly ringing with requests for advice. And although she is usually not indifferent, this time she was at work when her friend called and said that the dog was hit by a car. She told me where to go for help and ended the phone call, but her heart did not calm down. As soon as her shift ended, Betty went to the place where the injured dog was because her head was filled with thoughts about the victim.

The dog that had been hit by the car was still at the scene. But she was not alone. Maybe that’s why Betty’s friend couldn’t help her. A white dog with obviously broken paws was lying on the grass, next to it a black-and-white shaggy dog ​​was sitting like a gendarme. He made it clear that anyone approaching his friend would be dealing with his own teeth. He looked worried, but there was nothing he could do.

As Betty watched, more dogs appeared nearby and the black and white dog chased them away so they wouldn’t try to molest her friend. When the girl got out of the car, he attacked her, but she did not back down. She assured the dog, whom she named Allen, that she came with good intentions and wanted to help. Betty was confident and the guard dog believed her.

Betty sent a message to her friend and she rushed to the scene in a matter of minutes. They carried the injured dog, whom they decided to name White because of the color of his coat, to the car. All this happened under Allen’s hard gaze. With all his formidable appearance, the dog made it clear that he would not let her girlfriend be taken away, and they also put him in the trunk.

Betty felt she had to find a home for these two new residents. She did not dare to separate these friends, and finding a home for two large dogs at once is not so easy.

The veterinarian diagnosed a pelvic fracture in the injured dog. However, this can be managed with surgery. Therefore, the girls paid for the operation, and after White went home, Allen was already waiting for her there.

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He did not leave her all the time and it was clear that Betty made the right decision, leaving the two of them. After the operation, White needs heart treatment and long-term rehabilitation, and since it is still difficult to keep two pets at the same time, it will be some time before the girl can start looking for a new loving home.

Of course, Allen is ready to go to his new family. But it is impossible to send it alone. It would be a heartbreaking experience for him, for White, and for Betty.

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