Shelter dog can’t live without his stuffed toys

Bella spent almost all two years of her life in shelters. Until now, no one wants to take her away, and in order to somehow ease the waiting period, the shelter staff came up with the sweetest way.

The dog, named Bella, is two years old and spent most of that time in animal shelters. She was given away by her owners when she was little because she “didn’t get along well with other dogs”. But this required work, which the owners refused. So Bella ended up at the Ashley Heath Animal Center.

The staff took up her behavioral patterns, and although it took a long time, they noticed a lot of progress in a few months. Bella was able to normally find a common language with other dogs, get to know each other and play. She became a wonderful and well-behaved dog, and the only thing she dreamed of was a loving home.

Bella loves people, loves to play, spend time with them, ask for affection. In order to somehow replace this warmth and affection, while Bella has no owners, the shelter staff gave her plush toys. The dog loves them so much that he spends a lot of time with them.

Although toys are no substitute for loving owners, Bella is happy with her plush friends. She already has a whole collection. The shelter staff hopes that very soon people will come through their doors who will definitely pay attention to Bella and love her with all their hearts. Let’s hope she finds a home soon!

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