Abused Pitbull Instantly Bonds With His New Friend Rabbit

True friendships are unaffected by time or distance. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that a dog and a rabbit may become friends since we have already witnessed cat and dog friendships.
Grace’s past was not happy. Her previous owners beat her and coerced her into street battles. So when she was ultimately adopted by her new family, she discovered the true meaning of love. She was found by her rescuers fastened to the railroad rails.

After Mindy got her rabbit, she understood she would need to take considerable precautions to protect it from other animals. Unfortunately, there are occasions when jealousy may be rather frightening and even dangerous.
Mindy was concerned that Grace wouldn’t take the new family member well.
“She had a challenging upbringing. I am aware of the terrible things she endured prior to being adopted,” Mindy stated.

However, Mindy had no idea that the two would become fast friends.
“They began to exchange sniffs. Now I can’t tell them apart. The shadows of one another. They constantly lick each other and follow each other everywhere,” according to Mindy.

This type of love signals trusts and caring to a pit bull. In general, rabbits are highly sociable.
“She has been mistreated and abused cruelly, but she still exhibits a real love for the bunny,” according to Mindy.

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