“Adorable Moments”: Brittany Mahomes’ Daughter Sterling Brushes Mom and Baby Brother Bronze’s Hair

The Mahomes family is experiencing heartwarming moments

Brittany Mahomes is delighted to discover that her daughter, Sterling Skye, has taken a keen interest in doing hair. The 27-year-old co-owner of the Kansas City Current shared videos on her Instagram Story showcasing Sterling’s newfound passion.

In the videos, the adorable toddler attempts to brush her mom’s hair while it’s still braided. Brittany asks if Sterling needs help, but the determined little girl manages to take out the braid on her own. With great care, she then proceeds to brush her mom’s hair before turning her attention to her younger brother, Patrick “Bronze” Lavon III, who is 6 months old. Sterling leans forward and gently brushes her baby brother’s little bit of hair, leaving him looking a bit puzzled by the gesture.

But Sterling’s hairdressing adventures don’t end there. The following morning, Brittany shares more pictures of the toddler spending quality time with her dad, Patrick Mahomes, the 27-year-old quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs.

In one of the pictures, Sterling is seen putting colorful clips in her dad’s hair. Brittany playfully asks if Sterling is doing her dad’s hair, and the little girl proudly confirms it, mentioning that she put some “clippies” in daddy’s hair.

During the premiere of his new Netflix documentary series, Quarterback, in Los Angeles, Patrick Mahomes expressed his hopes that his children would see his hard work and dedication to achieving his dreams even when he’s away from home. He wants them to understand the importance of working hard to pursue their own aspirations while maintaining a loving family life.

Brittany also praised Patrick’s ability to balance his work and family life, describing him as an excellent father. She believes he has set a great example for their children, showing them that it is possible to succeed in both professional and personal spheres.

Overall, the Mahomes family is experiencing heartwarming moments as Sterling explores her passion for hairstyling and Patrick continues to inspire his children to chase their dreams while cherishing family values.

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