Adorable Pitbull Puppy So Happy To Leave Shelter That Her Tail Won’t Stop Wagging

We wish Matilda the best of luck

Matilda, a Pitbull puppy, was left at the Douglas County Animal Shelter. The personnel at the shelter quickly realized that she was different and exceptional in some way. The little dog practically never stopped smiling and wagging her tail.

Matilda’s difficult upbringing is unusual. She spent her first two months in Georgia as a stray. She had stomach worms and skin irritations all over her body until someone finally came to her aid. Her small tail was still wagging despite all of her afflictions.

Little Matilda won the hearts of everyone. She was featured in a film by the shelter, and the internet was smitten too! When they placed a collar on her, it was the only thing that made her tail stop wagging! But they soon discovered that her skin simply didn’t agree with it!

Simple fix! With the exception of her dislike of collars, Matilda is thriving in her first foster home. She enjoys playing with her toys and taking naps with her new siblings. Even her new neighbors have become friends because of her.

We wish Matilda success as she travels toward finding a permanent home.

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