Adorable squirrels that can be found only on one Japanese island

Everyone likes cute little animals without exception. And no matter what your favorite animal is, you won’t be able to resist something small, cute, and fluffy either.

At the same time, you most likely have never heard of the Japanese flying squirrel – but we will tell you now!

These tiny flying squirrels are the cutest little animals in the world. Just look at their eyes and muzzles! And they live in one and the only place in the world: on the Japanese island of Hokkaido.

Unfortunately, flying squirrels are naturally very shy and cautious, but the pictures are excellent. They have perfectly spherical bodies, which makes them even more photogenic.

Japanese flying squirrels are predominantly nocturnal. They only fly between trees.

Squirrels reach no more than 20 cm in length and weigh a maximum of 220 g, but despite their tiny size, they have no natural predators. This is one of the reasons why they are not in danger of extinction.

There are many interesting creatures living in Japan, probably because it is an island country. But there are no more cute ones! According to rumors, the creators of Pokémon were inspired by flying squirrels …

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