Adult daughter Jolie surprised everyone by the resemblance to her mother

Very soon we will get a new hit from the Marvel film “The Eternals”, which tells about a team of superhumans who have been monitoring the safety of the Earth for many millennia. But in Los Angeles, the premiere has already taken place, and the whole world is discussing photos from the show. Users were especially surprised by the grown-up daughter of Angelina Jolie.

Few people can boast that they come to the screening of their film by accompanied as many as 5 children! But 46-year-old Angelina Jolie, who finally joined the great Mickey Mouse family, can do it.

Jolie captivated the audience with a beige long dress and jewelry on her chin, but her family was much more hooked on the press. By the way, photos of Shiloh Nouvel Jolie and Pitt were sold to journalists for $10 million!

Shiloh from childhood was like a mother, which delighted the audience at social events. But now the resemblance cannot be refuted with the greatest desire.

Recently, Shiloh shocked the whole world with the news that she identifies herself as a guy, and her parents allegedly accepted her decision. But, apparently, the bad fashion left the head of the young daughter of Jolie and now she is herself again.

The girl accurately adopted her trademark plump lips, sharp facial features, smile, and eyes from her mother.

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