After 2,381 days of rejection, a sad shelter dog is confined to a lonely corner

In his new home, Higgins was unhappy, and no one was looking for him.

A German Shepherd puppy named Higgins was adopted as an adult. Only a few days after being adopted, Higgins was rescued by the shelter. Despite the fact that it has been over six and a half years since then, Higgins is still staying at the shelter. Poor Higgins, according to volunteers at Ohio’s Humane Society of Preble County, was turned away many times before spending 2,381 days in the shelter.

His joyful temperament has changed to melancholy, and he is currently depressed. As he’s gotten older, Higgins’ odds of finding a place to call home have significantly decreased.

The youngster is a gorgeous, loving boy, and Shelter is asking people to rescue him from the suffering of a pointless existence. Let’s aid Higgins in locating his ideal residence.

We are pleased to report that Texas man Brendon Reed has adopted Higgins. Immediately, they fell in love. We are grateful that Higgins had the chance to demonstrate his abilities. We experience joyful tears upon hearing this news!

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