After adopting the dog with the sweetest eyes, Laura couldn’t even imagine what awaited her

Eventually, Laura and her husband made the decision to get a new puppy in the hopes that it would help them deal with the loss of their old dog, but Laura had no clue what was in store for her.

The point is that the moment the dog entered their home, he clung to his husband and she appeared to act as a go-between.

Laura remarked, “It would be wonderful if Rusty liked me as much as he loves my husband.”

She did, however, adore Rusty, and their discovery of him was a true godsend.

He entered their life at the perfect time since the couple needed him so much.

Their volunteer buddy decided to email them a picture of Rusty after they informed her of their desire to adopt a dog.

The pair fell in love with the cute puppy the moment they saw it.

When they went looking for the dog the very following day, they discovered many warnings on its cage, including “aggressive” and “not good with other dogs.”

However, none of that bothered them at all, and the opposite was also true.

They were certain they could adequately care for Rusty. The pair completely knew that all he wanted was for someone to adore him.

“He and my husband grew close right away,” according to Laura. “They enjoy sleeping on the sofa and giving each other hugs”.

They got so close very quickly that Laura almost didn’t have a place to sleep.

Rusty usually arrived before her and occupied as much room as she could.

Of sure, Laura feels a little “unfaired,” but she has grown accustomed to it.

Even while they are sleeping, they embrace one another.

He gets along rather well with her and even their two cats, as for their other dog. I’m very grateful to this amazing pair.

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