After all the hardships he went through, Shortcake finally got adopted by the most loving family and can’t stop smiling

The adorable young child hasn’t always been so joyful, despite his now constant smile.

He was in such horrible form when the volunteers at the shelter first encountered him that he immediately reeked of rotting flesh.

He endured hardships while traveling the streets, yet he never lost his charming grin or his willingness to trust people.

He was eventually adopted by Amy Matsushima because of that smile.

“I went to bring him home the very following day because I knew the moment I met him that he was the one.”

Sweet Shortcake now resides with a large, devoted family.

Now that she is living the life of her dreams, Shortcake enjoys nothing more than playing and sleeping with other canines. In addition, his constant smile is adorable.

Shortcake already has his own Instagram account where his human mother posts updates on all of his accomplishments and exploits.

“Even while sleeping, he smiles, it is so adorable,” Amy said.

Shortcake has every right to smile that adorable smile. He enjoys sleeping a lot and can give his loved ones endless cuddles.

His laugh is very contagious. Let’s anticipate the updates about our adorable boy.

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