After being chained up for 8 years, a blind dog jumps for joy when he gets his own bed

Stevie surprised everyone with his response

When a dog is saved and learns he will soon have his own bed, it’s a beautiful sight to see him lose control of his enthusiasm. The innocent dog has been held in chains since he was a puppy, so his attitude is not unexpected.

Animal control volunteers from the Lancaster Region Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) discovered Stevie in a deplorable condition. He was tied and half blind, so his eyes were entirely dry and helpless. And yet, with loyal animal lovers, there was always hope!

He was in his pet cage for the majority of the voyage, but occasionally he may start moaning and barking, according to Erin, who spoke to The Dodo. “We understood he was only defending himself. We brought the cage inside when we arrived home, but he was unable to escape. Given that we didn’t know him yet and that he may not notice us, we were extra careful.

For a creature that has spent his whole existence being forced to oversleep in the rain and cold, it is undoubtedly a natural behavior. However, he recovered fast and started to appear healthier and happy than before. The foster family’s decision to surprise him with a brand-new bed, something Stevie had never had, was the most joyous event, though.

The foster mother of Stevie remarked, “He sleeps a lot, but loves to cuddle, go on walks, chew on squeaky pressed objects, and offer kisses. He’s really witty. He jumps, occasionally nibbles on something squeezed slightly, and then passes out. After obtaining his own bed,

Stevie stunned everyone with his response; Erin also assumed he could be pleased. After a very difficult life, he can’t believe he’s having the chance to sleep in a nice bed. He responds with sheer delight.

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