After being lost for 200 days the man finally reunited with his beloved dog… So touching!

Stories with dogs as the primary protagonists have always piqued my interest.

They instantly succeed in moving our hearts while also amusing or upsetting a sizable online audience.

Blue, a lovable dog that was missing for 200 days, is the hero of the day. When all hope seemed lost, he was at last reunited with his best buddy.

Everything started when Pat, the owner of Blue, had to go to Texas for employment six months ago. But before that, his dog went missing.

Despite his best efforts and thorough inquiries, it appeared impossible to locate his devoted friend at this point.

The man already had to go even if he was unaware of Blue’s location.

However, the owner got a call 200 days later from a friend who claimed to have seen a dog that looked very much like his Blue.

After that, his buddy emailed them images as well, and when Pat saw them, he didn’t need any other evidence to believe it was his cat.

He thus jumped in his car right away and drove to the location that his friend had described 1900.

When the dog finally saw his owner after a lengthy absence, his reaction was incredibly tender. Naturally, he recognized his father right away.

These amazing creatures’ affection is absolutely unending. He never stopped wagging his tail and licking his owner’s face.

We are overjoyed about this fantastic reunion.

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