After being rescued 5 little kittens want to hug each other until they’ll find their forever homes

After so many difficulties, they are blooming day by day.

Five babies were saved, and they held each other close constantly until they were placed in their final homes. Five kittens that were in a very precarious condition were saved by shelter volunteers last month. It was extremely risky for the cats to be left outside in the summer heat.

Knowing about their situation, OFOSA hurried to save them. One of the volunteers, Angela Su, promised to take care of them so they would heal more quickly. The cats were at first quite apprehensive; in fact, they were scared of anybody approaching and trying to pat them.

But because of Angela’s perseverance, things quickly changed when they realized they were secure. The babies’ love became even deeper once they conquered their worries and began giving each other nonstop hugs. Giving them the greatest treatment possible so they could regain their health and vigor, Angela worked around the clock. Even their eating and playing together as well as their breathing improved.

They all recovered completely and quickly turned into playful kitties with plenty of questions. Angela made every effort to ensure that kids wouldn’t notice their mother was gone, and it appears that she was successful. They have overcome numerous challenges and are now gradually blossoming as they move closer to their joyful futures.

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