After being rescued from a terrible hurricane the little squirrel has become an international star now

I thought a small kitten was the cutest thing ever because I adore cats.

But this squirrel is so adorable that it was difficult to ignore it.

He appeared to be a figure from a fairy tale since he is so adorable.

Our lovely hero, Jill, was just a few weeks old when the storm struck Louisiana years ago.

The baby squirrel, who had been abandoned entirely, had jumped out of its nest slightly hurt, but thankfully a kind woman had seen it and hurried to aid.

The woman helped the squirrel fully heal, and as a result, his life was completely altered after that.

He refused to go back into the wild after being saved, so he now lives with his family.

He is currently living a happy life with his loved ones close by. Jill is already a well-known figure on a global scale now, which is not at all unexpected given how nice he is.

The adorable squirrel, who spends most of his time snapping photos and, of course, sleeping, is followed by people from all over the world.

The squirrel simply likes to snooze. Jill also has a tiny teddy bear of his own, without which he is unable to go to sleep.

In conclusion, a World Star is waiting for the kindest remarks on your television.

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