After being rescued from horrible conditions 156 beagles can finally enjoy the taste of freedom

Many of these dogs had never even seen the light of day before.

It was discovered that these unfortunate puppies did not even have the most basic hygienic conditions when 156 beagles were discovered and saved in a research center in India. They, fortunately, intervened in time to save the dogs, who were then sent to CUPA. It was founded for the protection and well-being of animals, and it is also situated in India.

It provides care for abandoned, wounded, and stray animals. 10,000 animals have already found their permanent homes as a result of this initiative. They recently assumed the goal of saving these poor creatures, and as soon as they did, they started caring for them and getting them ready to move to new homes.

They were so relieved to be free of such oppressive conditions that they didn’t even know how to show their joy and excitement. They finally broke into large dog grins. Many of these canines were confined in tiny cages and had never even seen the sun before. Naturally, after all of that, they were first frightened to leave the house and would not allow others to approach them.

They then had a fantastic thought. They took a bunch of kids to the dogs to get them out of this position, and it truly helped the dogs get used to their new existence. They are content and safe. While some of them were placed in foster homes until they were ready to be adopted, the majority of them had already found homes within a few days.

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