After filming wrapped, these celebrities brought their dogs home

We watch a lot of movies and TV shows in which animals co-star with human performers. However, few people consider where these creatures end up. Many have owners, of sure, but some are seized from shelters, particularly for shooting.

Today, we’ll tell you about some of the stars who have grown so attached to their new companions during this time that they can’t bear the thought of parting with them, so they joyfully brought them home.

Will Smith and Abby, a German Shepherd

In a scene with this dog, the actor appeared in the film “I Am Legend,” where she played Sam the dog, although this is a female. Will and Abby were quite connected to each other over the course of their extended relationship, and the actor wanted to take her to his house.

Chris Evans and dog Dodger

This attractive actor adores dogs. During the production of Gifted in 2015, one scene was shot at a stray dog shelter, when Chris met a lovely puppy, whom he subsequently adopted and named Dodger.

Bridget the Bulldog and Ed O’Neill

This small puppy had a tough start in life. She was discovered on the street, sheltered, and then thrown out for unknown reasons. Bridget was chosen by volunteers, and it turned out that she was excellent for one role in the film, in which O’Neal played the major character. The man grew so devoted to the dog that he couldn’t bear being apart from her.

Tom Hardy and Moose the dog

Tom and Mus co-starred in the film “Common Fund.” According to the plot, the guy must save the injured dog, which will be named Rocco. And once the film ended, Moose went to Hardy’s house as his best buddy.

Oreo the raccoon with James Gunn

Fans of the film “Guardians of the Galaxy” is like the charming thief Rocket. And this animal was his model. Even the film’s director, James Gunn, was moved by a raccoon named Oreo. It’s a shame, but Oreo died approximately a year ago.

Sophie Turner and dog Zuni

In the first season of Game of Thrones, Zunni the dog portrayed one of the dire wolves. She was homeless after her job was terminated. Sophie, who portrayed Sansa Stark, had long desired a four-legged companion and joyfully welcomed Zunni into her household.

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