After meeting each other, the two dogs never left each other, overcoming all difficulties together (video)

Tido was introduced to Mia, a lovely woman, one day. When he was a young child, he had to reside in a cage that was so filthy and dim that Mia first was unable to see the puppy.

She made the decision to adopt him right away at that point. After arriving home, Tido was greeted with open arms by Sola, the other dog of his new owner.

They were still unable to grasp what a fantastic friendship awaited them.

It was just what Tido needed when Sola cared for the small dog as if he were her own child.

Even though it had only been a few days, the dogs’ friendship had already grown so strong that it seemed as though they were created specifically for one another.

But a horrible event afterward completely disrupted their serenity. When Tido experienced a seizure one day, Mia rushed the small dog to the veterinarian.

He received a distemper diagnosis there, with a 5% chance of survival.

Mia was simply crushed. Together, they traveled home, where she began her medical regimen.

The two dogs had to be split apart, which was unfortunate. Every day, Sola waited outside the room where Tido was lying. He was devastated and worried to death.

Even though they were separated by a door, the faithful dog didn’t even move since he understood that he should be close to her companion.

You simply can’t miss the story’s heartwarming conclusion… We are overjoyed that these two adorable dogs are connected.

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