After receiving a call about a ‘ferocious’ dog, a police officer went there and found the sweetest dog ever

They would do anything to provide a happy life for the doggie

When they discovered the dog, it was nothing like they had envisioned. One day there was a call about a vicious dog.

There are several misconceptions regarding pit bulls, many of which are untrue.

Because of this, the terrified locals immediately phoned the police to remove the “feral” dog from the area when they saw the dog strolling without a collar on the street.

Officer Travis Frolt was the police officer that arrived on the scene.

He arrived at the dog after receiving the call and saw it on someone’s porch.

He was perplexed as to why people would talk negatively about a dog in such a way. He whistled at the dog, hoping to see how he would respond, but decided to be careful.

When the dog saw him, he gently walked up to him while joyfully waggling his tail.

Naturally, it was not what he was expecting. It was a cute puppy that only desired attention and affection.

He instantly rushed to the car and jumped into the front seat as the officer started caressing him. He was ecstatic and felt so important.

They initially tried to determine whether the dog has a microchip before taking him to the shelter.

They discovered it here but were unable to get in touch with the owner since the contact details had not been changed. They would do everything, though, to give the dog a good existence.

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