After receiving the blanket, the scared dog became so excited that he never goes anywhere without it

He feels happy and safe with his family and brothers.

Although Flynn is a very loving dog, he suffers from terrible phobias of what seem to be continuous apparitions.

He simply despises things. Examples of these include boxes, shadowy corners, and even bags.

Fortunately, something exists in this world that enables him to confront his concerns.

The topic at hand is his most prized possession, his blanket.

He never had his blanket taken away from him for an entire year and a half.

They had no idea the dog would grow to be so devoted to the blanket when they originally handed the gift to the little child.

It appeared to be just what he required. He grabs it as soon as he wakes up and drags it around the house.

It’s much more than simply a blanket. It significantly aids the anxious dog.

He also gains courage and self-assurance as a result.

He even has the confidence to place his paw in the grass thanks to the blanket.

With his family and brothers, he also feels content and secure.

They all adore their special dog and are ecstatic to have him living with them since he makes their family feel so happy and joyful.

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