After spending 14 years in a shelter the dog has finally got adopted and can’t be happier

We are so happy for this sweet boy who inspired us all to never lose hope.

The dog’s dream had, at last, come true, and it was very emotional.

Stewart has a lifelong desire of finding his true family.

Even though he is almost 15 years old, he originally came into the shelter when he was just a year or so old. It turned out that he spent practically all of his life there.

He only required someone who could appreciate that he deserved nothing more than a cozy place to sleep and unwavering affection.

He had previously been adopted twice but was given back. Stewart started to worry that he might have to stay at the shelter permanently after those trying days.

He continually awaited the appearance of his idol. One day, a rescuer wanted to film Stewart for a video.

To everyone’s joy, word rapidly got out about the puppy, and when she saw him, a woman could not help herself and came to adopt him.

Although the dog would have to spend the remainder of his life at a shelter since the adoption deadline had passed, he and other community members did everything they could to set up the adoption because they knew Stewart would be thrilled to hear the news. They required one another.

The adorable dog’s life had a significant shift after adoption. He doesn’t feel tired or afraid of loud noises, and he feels like a new man.

We are overjoyed for this adorable youngster who inspired us all to never give up.

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