After spending more than 1255 days in foster care the sweet boy finally found his perfect place in this world

Bowie the dog was adopted when he was a puppy but was soon brought back to the shelter.

The sad puppy waited for someone to give him another opportunity for months, but no one ever showed up to take him home.

The lovely dog was loved by everyone at the shelter and given lots of care and attention so that he wouldn’t feel lonely or depressed.

Bowie required a permanent residence, nevertheless, in order to be completely happy.

In the end, the shelter made the choice to put him in a foster home so that he could become used to being a pet while they looked for a permanent home for him.

However, there were still no bids after 2.5 years. There is no reason not to adopt Bowie because he is genuinely a very good boy.

The only issue is that he simply prefers to be the only pet in the house and that, for reasons that are now unclear, he is terrified of kids.

Unfortunately, there is still another factor at play: He just belongs to the breed of canines that is consistently shunned.

He has excellent training. Simply put, the sweet youngster needs someone who is willing to give him another shot.

They will make sure he is a fantastic pet right away.

However, nobody seemed to be interested in him, so the shelter made the decision to launch a Bowie PR campaign.

At the very least, they hoped it might benefit the kind boy. “Whoever adopts our little Bowie will undoubtedly have the finest friend conceivable”.

He is the loveliest boy in the entire world, and all he really wants is a loving family to call his own.”

When Bowie’s story spread on social media, he was inundated with demands.

In just a few days, they received more than 45 offers, and they had to pick the one that would make the puppy the happiest.

Bowie finally moved into his new home at the end of August. He appeared to be aware that he had his loving family at last.

He spent more than 1255 days in foster care before finding his ideal family.

The dog is doing very well in his new family, according to recent statements from the shelter personnel.

Sweet pooch, we are so thrilled for you. You unquestionably merit this.

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