After the command “Everyone sleep!” ten+ cats stretched out to full length

Sleeping kittens often take amazing positions. They can stretch to their full length, with extended legs they take up a lot of space.

Fluffy pets look very funny at this moment:

• No need to walk here. You can cover me with a blanket… and put out the light in the end!

• Foot on top of another even during sleep. A great pose for a photo shoot that can take place at any time …

• Block the passage? With pleasure!

• Whoever came first took the mattress, I don’t see any problems.

• Finally, a day off, you can sleep as you like!

• These “two from the casket” always repeat everything one after another.

• The cat is very similar to its owner, “find 10 differences.”

• A wall seat is always safer and more comfortable.

• Can’t you see that the seat is taken?

• Sofa became short…

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