After thinking about who to go with to the prom, the teenager finds the best solution

Millions of people have seen them, sending them many many warm words.

One of the most significant occasions throughout our school years was prom, but it also came with a lot of worries.

But there are also other crucial choices, including what to dress on that particular day and who to go with.

The last one was maybe the most crucial for us since it needed to be someone you would feel at ease and comfortable with as well as someone you would love spending the entire day and party with.

When this issue comes, you may only need to attempt to think creatively or just do like Sam Stingard did.

Sam once found it difficult to locate a suitable date for prom, but he eventually found the most original solution to the issue.

He chose to bring his cat, Ruby, as he didn’t intend to remain there for very long.

He was able to throw the most magnificent and unforgettable graduation celebration in place of the customary one.

Ruby was adopted by their family when she was just a little kitten, and he has been a crucial member of the family ever since.

It’s been ten years since that day, and Sam is still overjoyed that he got to spend it with his pal.

He got his cat a lovely frock and added a sparkling collar to complete the look.

They made for the most pleasing couple since they were both so stunning.

Their photographs immediately gained popularity after being shared on Facebook.

Now that millions of people have seen them, they have received many kind messages.

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