“Age and Wrinkles Do Not Scare Me”: Julia Roberts Refused Plastic Surgery and Cosmetology!

It’s nature. That’s why I don’t want to go against it.

Millions of people were prepared to see the cult classic “Pretty Woman” time and time again.

After this movie, Julia Roberts’ fame started to grow.

The celebrity is currently 55 years old. Naturally, everyone develops and undergoes change as they age. Julia was no different. The actress’s aging was quickly pointed up by the public in the comments.

They called attention to the celebrity’s wrinkles and urged her to better care of herself.

But Roberts has repeated time and time that she enjoys growing older gracefully. While she hates plastic surgery, she does not criticize her celebrity coworkers. The actress admires her wrinkles as she stares in the mirror.

“It’s nature. I don’t want to oppose it because of this. I won’t emulate people who provide beauty injections,” Roberts declared.

The actress’ devoted following appreciates Roberts’ inherent attractiveness. They adore her just as she is, wrinkles and all—perfect!

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