“Age has no power over her”: 77-year-old Helen Mirren on the catwalk

The actress looked absolutely stunning on high heels

Helen Mirren is renowned for her exceptional portrayals of queens and royalty, earning her well-deserved fame. She exudes dignified elegance and possesses a flawless appearance that many envy. Unlike many of her colleagues, she gracefully embraces each passing year without pursuing eternal youth.

On a particular occasion, Mirren looked absolutely stunning. At the age of 66 in 2011, she was crowned “Body of the Year,” surpassing even Jennifer Lopez.

“To be honest, I’m not particularly athletic. But when I need to quickly get into shape, I turn to an exercise routine developed by the Royal Canadian Air Force in the ’50s. It only takes 12 minutes to complete a set of exercises, although I prefer to push myself to exhaustion,” the actress revealed in an interview.

Once again, Mirren has demonstrated that age is merely a number on a passport. She took center stage as the main star of the L’Oreal Paris 2021 runway during Fashion Week in the vibrant city of Paris. Clad in a stylish yet relaxed black and white suit, paired with sandals featuring towering platforms and extremely high heels, she showcased an unconventional, striking makeup look that we had never seen on Helen Mirren before.

However, opinions regarding her choice of makeup varied among the actress’s admirers. Some felt that the makeup artists had marred Helen’s natural beauty. Nevertheless, the star has once again proven that she fearlessly embraces experimentation and is willing to present herself to the public in a multitude of roles. This alone is deserving of admiration.

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