Al Pacino: “I need one passenger with whom I will get to the final”

“Why do I need others? I don’t want to be a wagon that gets on and off.”

Fredo James Pacino is an American theater and film actor, director, and screenwriter. Most famous for his roles as gangsters – Michael Corleone in the trilogy “The Godfather” by Francis Ford Coppola and Tony Montana in the film “Scarface” by Brian De Palma. The role of Frank Slade in the film “Scent of a Woman” brought the actor an Oscar for Best Actor nomination.

I do not need a beautiful wife, for money I can give her any appearance. I don’t want rich. I already have everything. I don’t need affection. Almost all women become such for my money, and those who do not become, I can win. I need a decent wife. Loyalty and a good reputation cannot be bought by any money in the world.

Never explain anything to anyone – everyone will still understand in a way that is beneficial to him.

As a child, I prayed to God for a bicycle … then I realized that God works differently … I stole a bicycle and began to pray to God for forgiveness.

The first rule is don’t give up. The second rule is to remember the first rule.

It is easy to deceive the eye, but it is difficult to deceive the heart.

It’s true, I’m tongue-tied. You need to live with me for 50 years to begin to realize what I’m talking about.

My mother died before I was successful. I remember I was ten years old. Our apartment is on the top floor. It’s wildly cold. From below, from the alleyway, my friends are calling me, calling me to rush through the streets. But my mother won’t let me. I was terribly angry and yelled at her incessantly. She bore my reproaches. And thus saved my life. You see, all those guys who then called me to go for a walk are no longer in the world. She wanted me not to wander the streets until late, but to do my homework. And that’s why I’m sitting here talking to you now. Everything is very simple, right? But we are so forgetful…The key to success is desire. And it burns in me all the time.

I am often called a bore, a smart-ass, and a misanthrope. I warn everyone: in fact, I am much worse.

There was a year when I was immensely addicted to alcohol and pills. With all this, I have already tied up a long time ago, by the way. But at that time I was sitting at the ceremony and thinking: “Will I even get to the stage if I am awarded? Not sure”.I don’t understand why people can’t stand bisexuals, gays, and lesbians. There is no explanation for this in my head. I think it is unprincipled who you are in love with … a woman or a man. You love – and this is the most important thing!

I used to deliver a newspaper called “Showbiz” to the market stalls. I’ll never forget how much they paid me: $12. $10.00 and $2.00 bills I immediately exchanged a ten-dollar bill for twelve one-dollar bills. When you pay at the bar, you drool on a dollar from a pack, and from the outside, you appear to have a lot of money.

Books and plays helped me understand myself and the world around me, there was some kind of shift, and I became more serious.

Pride and arrogance are the servants of the devil. If you can’t control them, they will control you.

Even though I played the chef in Frankie and Johnny, don’t ask me to cook anything. If I suddenly start cooking, everything will end in murder. Seriously. I can play the part. Cooking dinner is not.

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