“Amazing men!”: This is how our mothers’ idols look like today

They have preserved their charisma and are still attracting millions of women

Once these actors won the hearts of our mothers. They were at the height of fame, enjoyed wide popularity. What happened to them, and what do they look like today?

1. Attractive Richard Chamberlain

2. Unsurpassed Alain Delon

3. The Idol of millions of women – Anthony Hopkins

4. Handsome with blue eyes – Alec Baldwin

5. Unmatched Dmitry Kharatyan

6. The dream of thousands of women – Timothy Dalton

7. Unique and insanely charismatic Adriano Celentano

8. An example of a handsome man Kevin Costner

9. The Inimitable Robert De Niro

10. How much he has changed! Igor Kostolevsky

11. Beautiful voice, artistry and beautiful appearance – all this is about Eros Ramazzotti

12. Legendary Michael Douglas

13. John Travolta has changed a lot, but once he was also one of the idols of women

14. Talented actor Dustin Hoffman

15. Oh, that eyes! Jeff Bridges

16. An example of a handsome man!

17. His look, charisma and manners were maddening… Jean-Paul Belmondo

18. These eyes…Aleksandr Domogarov

19. A talented and very handsome man – Clint Eastwood

20. Not only cute, but also an insanely good actor – Harrison Ford!

Which of them do you remember, and who was your idol?

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